7 Reasons Why Exercise is Better than Diet

Exercise is better than diet for health, but the people who are in the process of losing weight is often confused to prioritize exercise or diet, which is better difference between exercise and diet, is not endless.


In fact the sport is certainly better to do than diet, because diet will not provide significant effect as well on the body if you do not do sports, whereas if you are exercising you do not have to diet too strict.

People who diet often feel hungry all the time, this is the reason why you should leave your diet and start exercising.

Because if you are exercising, you do not need to abstain from favorite foods, your body will be able to eat on time and is not afraid diet disrupted. In addition, exercise can increase energy, while the diet will make you look dull and limp.

Why Exercise is Better than Diet?

Now, let’s discuss why exercise is better than diet.

You will be healthy

Health experts have always said that it was dangerous diets or starvation, while the sport is way better and realistic to lose weight.

You can burn calories

Hunger is not the only way to reduce the number of calories you. Exercise can burn calories and can take care of your health, so exercise is better.

You can eat your favorite foods

This is the reason why the most fun exercise better than diet. Because the sport you can happily chew more of your favorite foods without worrying about weight. You will feel happy because you can exercise and a good meal at the same time.

Good for body growth

Diet will certainly reduce your intake or only eat certain foods (selective). Arguably, this will hinder the body to get certain nutrients. But when you diet and prefer to avoid exercise, your body can get all the necessary nutrients, especially of various types of food.

Body beautiful body will be formed

With diet, you may be thin, but not necessarily be a good shape, but with exercise you become thinner, but the body shape would be better than just diet. This is another reason why exercise is better than diet.

Increase strength

Exercise will increase your strength and this will help you to work easily in daily life. Diet reduces energy and make you feel weak, so which one is better?

Increases self-confidence

Of course diligently exercise will boost your confidence, because the thin body as the result of diet will not increase your confidence exceeded lean body sports results.

Those are some reasons why exercise is better for you than a diet. Now, why don’t we start exercising!

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