The Proven Ways of Shrinking the Thigh

shrink-your-thighThere are various ways which can be done easily to shrink your thigh. Most women would want to have slim thighs, toned, and with legs that look tiered. The thigh would certainly look attractive when you want to use a pair of jeans.

On the other hand, women with large thighs most will try hard to be able to tighten her thighs to look smaller and slimmer. But unfortunately, to get it as it should be preceded by a fairly strict diet and living a healthy lifestyle every day.

Effective Ways to Make Your Thighs Look Slim

For those who want a sleek look, here are some ways to make your thighs look slim, toned and slim.

Diet appropriately

How hard and how long you exercise, if not accompanied by food control, then it will all be in vain, and vice-versa. Thigh will remain visible and difficult to be slim.

Therefore, set your calorie intake every day, ranging from requiring foods that contain carbohydrates, fats, protein, and fiber-containing foods. Consume everything to suit your needs. If needed, you can also incorporate diet supplements such as Phen375 into your diet program. There are lots of detailed reviews for Phen375 supplement that you can find on the internet.

Drinking water

Many people are afraid to drink the water for fear of fat, their main fear is usually afraid of the water where the body looks chubby look flabby. Though this view is wrong, water actually makes your body healthier and supple. Body ‘slack’ happens not because of drinking too much water, but because of your lack of exercise.


One way to burn fat in the body is with cardio exercise. You can also combine cardio exercise with other activities such as cycling, swimming, walking, jumping rope and lifting weights. Sports will help you to get rid of the fat that accumulates in the thigh pleased that, even throwing in other parts of the body.

Weight training

Weight training will give strength to the body. Besides, weight training also has a considerable role to make you always fit and healthy every day. Do lunges, squats and stretching movements more.

Up and down stairs

Up and down the stairs can be the best way to train the muscles of the thighs, basically to shrink and tighten the thigh that is by focusing on the physical movement of the thigh. Up and down the stairs is one of them, in addition to biking, or running.

Theraband Leg Curl

The core of this movement is to do the prone position, then lift one leg and hold for a few seconds. Perform lifting and holding the feet alternately. Better yet, if you use a cloth or rubber that can withstand foot upon appointment.


  1. Brisk

If you have difficulty to do strenuous exercise, then you can do brisk walking, brisk walking can burn as many calories. A brisk walk for one hour can burn 213 calories. Then it is very nice if you could do this routine three times a week.

  1. Cycling

Cycling certainly involves your leg strength, so it is not in doubt, this movement can tighten your thigh muscles, when coupled with a healthy diet it can shrink thighs could even make it look ladder.

Additional movement that can be done

To get slim thighs and fat would not be very effective if done with the sport, do not need to go to the gym, you can do the simple movements in the backyard or in the rooms.

  • First put your hands on your hips, and then promote one leg, promote body by bending the foot.

Perform this movement repeatedly, to the beginning of the movement can be with 15 times for each leg. Once accustomed to be tried by 20 to 25 times.

  • Position your body on your back and put his hands at his sides. But to do this movement is advisable to choose a place that is comfortable and safe. When it is a comfortable place, lift your right leg and left foot alternately downwards and upwards. Furthermore resistant, do it up to 15 times.
  • The third movement is the movement like someone who was pedaling a bicycle. You can do this exercise 15 times. But keep in mind that the amount of exercise is too much is also not good, just do naturally, it would also avoid injury or shock your body because it is not accustomed. But the suggestion is to make these movements on a regular basis, at least once a day.
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