9 Easy Ways to Lose Weight According to The Experts

lose-weight-expertsEfforts to lose weight are performed by every person is different. Many people consider weight loss is something that is very difficult. All kinds of methods are used; even to not eat all day until the very hungry stomachs they were doing in order to get a slim body.

In fact, this way is not correct. Because according to experts, it is a wrong action. After all, our bodies need nutrition so that all organs can work properly.

It is actually not difficult to lose weight, according to the experts. It takes just a little effort and tricks, and then you can get the weight down quickly.

Lose Excess Weight According to The Experts

Here’s an easy way to lose excess weight by 8 dentists, as reported Dailymail, Wednesday (4/11).

How to lose weight with apple cider vinegar

One of the secret ingredients that can help the digestive system and digest food so that it can absorb nutrients more efficiently is apple cider vinegar. Medelaine Shaw is a nutritionist revealed under her frequent use of apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing at lunch.

Be careful with liquor

Alcohol contains calories that the hidden, therefore before you drink a glass of wine, then assume you’re taking a pack of delicious chocolates.

A Pina Colada can contain 500 calories more calories at lunch. Shaw advice is to avoid alcohol altogether. Even if you are forced or wanted to drink it, then choose Martini.

Chew food slowly

Everyone must apply the science on this one. Dieticians, Martin Shirran said amylase enzyme found in saliva in your mouth is very important to break down the food.

The faster you eat food the less saliva helps your body to burn fat.

Eat right on time

Do not let your body starve, make sure you eat the right time. Nicholas Garath, fatherly nutritionist, recommends that we eat a small meal every three hours to ward off hunger.

Deceptive mind

Use a small plate when eating. Tim Woodman medical, Director at Bupa, say that we emphasis on eating fruits and vegetables.

Avoid caffeine

Christianne Wolff, author of The Body Rescue at Rescue Plan and The Body Detox Recipes, revealed that caffeine can decrease the immune system or metabolism and make the sleep quality so deteriorated.

Reprogram your mind

Talk to yourself positively, visualize and see how you slim, healthy and fit, says psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Toni Mackenzie. The move is good enough to create mental focus so you will be more motivated.

Chew food 30 times

Eating until full and with quick manner, can triple the risk of overweight. Therefore, nutritionist, Elouise Bauskis advised to chew food with enough time. Besides, carbohydrates also require enzymes such as salivary amylase which is quite complicated at the time of break down the food you consume.

Not all calories are the same

Do not weigh up the calories in your diet. Co-Founder Fare Healthy, Shelley Martin Light said that the amount of complementary foods nutrition. Therefore, eat a varied diet food.

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