10 Great Foods to Keep the Health of Your Eyes

One of the most important parts of the body is the eye, with our eyes can see all the beauty of this world, without the eyes the world feels dark. Therefore, it is very important to always keep an eye to stay healthy and functioning properly.

Many ways you can do to keep the eye to keep it healthy, one of which is to provide nutrients for eye health by eating foods that can protect your eyes to stay healthy, because the eyes also need to be able to care enough.

TomatoesTomatoes: To protect the eyes, we always advisable to include tomatoes in the diet plan. Tomatoes contain two nutrients, which is very good for eye health. Both of these nutrients protect your eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight and also reduce the risk of eye cancer.

BeansBeans: Other food that protects your eyes from age-related muscular degeneration is a nut. All kinds of beans are very good for the eyes. You can take walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds for good health for the eyes.


TuberTuber: it is one of the best foods to treat eye vision. Apart from this, the tuber also helps to prevent the eye from drying. So, include sweet tuber in your diet and keep your eyes healthy!


Eggs: Eggs are an excellent protector for the eyes because of its anti-oxidant properties. Consumption of eggs on a regular basis to protect the eyes from all kinds of trouble contraction plus anti-aging prevent muscular degeneration.

Carrots: If we talk about good food for the eyes, then how can we forget the carrots? It is one of the most important foods to protect the eyes. Carrots are rich in beta carotene, which helps in improving eye vision. Carrots also contain luteins, which protect the eyes from a variety of disorders. So, eat carrots as you can and make your eyes better!

Foods high in vitamin C: Citrus foods such as oranges, strawberries etc are very good for eye health. Vitamin C protects the eye vessels and thereby reducing the risk of cancer of the eye to a great extent.

Beans and Legumes: Both of these foods rich in zinc, which prevents damage to the retina, protecting the eyes from cataracts and improve eyesight as well.

Green leafy vegetables: if we are talking about good food for your eyes, then how can we forget the green leafy vegetables? They are the best for the eyes. Green vegetables are not only protecting your eyes, but also to treat various eye disorders as well. We should include green leafy vegetables such good are spinach, cabbage, peas and so on.

Fish: other foods that protect your eyes is fish. Fish contains a variety of minerals, vitamins are best for your eyes.

Milk: Milk is known as a complete food and is also considered good for the eyes. Drink a glass of milk every day and keep your eyes healthy!

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